I would like to acknowledge the work of a few fellow hams who have contributed to this site, and thank them for their continuing efforts.  They each have an interest in ham radio history, shown in different, interesting ways:

W1JA:  John is an antique radio collector and expert, as well as a skilled writer and editor. I thank him for his helpful suggestions about the overall site design.

W2SQ:  Phil not only has a complete, unbuilt, Heathkit SB-series station from the 1970s, but he also has a beautifully library-bound collection of QST volumes dating back to 1919. Thus, Phil is the primary source of digital photographs of printed photos (as opposed to scans) used on this site. Most of the illustrations you see in the chapters are from W2SQ.

John and Phil are my primary co-editors and proofreaders.  Both are skilled editors with a passion for correct writing. They read, comment on, catch mistakes, and suggest edits to every posting that appears here.  I am indebted to them for the time they spend carefully considering, then contributing to both the style and substance of this site. If you’re interested in such things, we’ve adopted the Chicago Manual of Style as the guide for editing this site.

K1RT:  Ed owns two complete QST collections. He has helpfully provided high quality scans of QST illustrations, particularly from the very early years.

K1DG:  Doug also owns a complete QST collection, including the rare post-WW1, 8-page “Special Bulletin”, sent out just before QST re-started after the war.  Doug has provided excellent scans of interesting QST illustrations back to the beginning.

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