History has never been my best subject. But as far back as I can remember I have been interested in science. As a kid in the 1960s before computers and the Internet were available to everyone, I became intensely interested in electronics and especially amateur radio. In ways I can’t explain, communicating over thin air without wires fascinated me. Like many of my peers, my interest grew through my teen years leading me into a career in engineering. Also like … Continue reading


This is a tour of amateur radio history, beginning around the turn of the last century. It unfolds blog-style in periodic installments or chapters. Guide to Readers If you’re new to this site, you’ve started in the right place.  The Contents page where you first came in will take you through the history in chronological order—a good place to look first when you return. After this Introduction, the best post to read next is the Prologue, which describes the purpose … Continue reading