A collection of useful and sometimes not easy-to-find information  (under construction)


High Performance Software Defined Radio – An Open Source Design – OpenHPSDR home page
Downloads – Software, Firmware, Documents
Firmware – K5SO’s site
Source code – The TAPR repository on GitHub


PowerSDR/OpenHPSDR mRX PS – Release notes and info on wikidot
SDRConsole on SDR-radio.com – G4ELI’s site and software


Apache Labs – Manufacturer of a spectrum of OpenHPSDR-based radios
FlexRadio Systems – Manufacturer of high performance SD radios and software
List of SDRs – from RTL-SDR

General Information

Adventures with my Apache Labs ANAN SDR – W1AEX’s site


Apache Labs forum – Main HW and related SW discussion on Yahoo
HPSDR – discussion list on openhpsdr.org

W2PA – home page
W1JA – home page